Reviews for The Choosing Time

"...when religious strife heats up the streets of Paris...Gisele must use her wits, bravery and tenacity to free the man she loves. The love story is interwoven with well-researched historical details...A smart,entertaining YA historical novel."
~ Kirkus Reviews

"Gisele is an admirable and cleverly determined young woman...Teens, young adults, and adults will all find this book suitable and entertaining."
Nan Hawthorne, Historical Novels Review Online

".The author's elegant writing brings us back to a time in Europe long ago and far away, when kings and religion ruled. The compelling story of Gisele, a girl not interested in simply doing as she's told, is set against the dramatic backdrop of war, repressive religious leaders, and societies with limited roles for women. This book captures the period beautifully, as well as the lives of men and women who were captives of, and rebels against, a society full of rules and restrictions. Well worth the read."
Jamie Katz, reader and writer